Keto Diet Fast Food Menu Choices

For those who drink low-carbohydrate or keto ultra diet, almost every restaurant or fast food restaurant can eat it. Plan ahead and check the menu and nutrition information online at home or on your smartphone before entering the restaurant. It’s always good to know the security options before tempting yourself to be tempted by menu items that shouldn’t be eaten in a low-carb diet.

To make it easy to find a quick choice for ketone manufacturing, I compiled a list of restaurants and fast food restaurants, as well as those restaurants I found to be the lowest (and emotionally most satisfying). ). These options are not perfect, but if there are no other options due to time or location restrictions, they will do so when necessary.

The release of nutrients requires a fast food agency to be very useful. It is easier to follow the keto ultra diet plan every day. The number of carbohydrates I have listed is an approximation, corresponding to the net grams.

In general, salad selection is usually available no matter where you are. In hamburgers, you only need to remove the bread and provide lettuce in many places. Chicken should not be breadcrumbs.

As a side note, it’s helpful to put a knife and fork in your car or wallet. A juicy hamburger on a small piece of lettuce is placed on a table or placed on your lap. Small, fragile fast food plastics also make consumption difficult. Take out your own sturdy appliances and enjoy!

Now, for food choices… here are some very obvious general rules:

By buns or parcels

Skip pasta, potatoes or rice.

Salad – no fried bread pieces. Stick to the choice of low sweet and sour sauce – Caesar, blue cheese, ranch, chipotle look can give you a hint of the name, like the name in the honey or dulce in Dijon honey; in general, they are not a good select. Check for ingredients with higher levels of carbohydrates in the ingredients.

Chicken – choose to grill or stir-fry. Keep away from any breadcrumbs of chicken.

McDonald’s: Go to a hamburger without bread (zero grams) or roast chicken (2 grams), plus cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, onions, etc. No ketchup. Add salad (3 grams). The price of grilled chicken Caesar salad or grilled chicken bacon salad is 9 grams.

Burger King: The same information as Hamburger McDonald’s: burgers without bread (zero grams) and covered with cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, onions, etc. No ketchup. The tender chicken sandwich without bread is 3g. Note: You may think that vegetarian burgers are fragile but contain 19 grams of carbohydrates. So this is a whole day of carbohydrates. Add salad (3 grams). The grilled chicken garden salad is 8 grams without seasoning or croutons. Chicken salad is not an option. Didn’t you notice?

Bonus – Dessert! ? ! – Fresh apple fries are not fried, it is 5 grams of net carbohydrates, no caramel sauce.

Subway – If you can, you should skip the subway. Rolls and packages are rich in carbohydrates. I guess you can let them throw the ingredients into the bag without bread, but this looks less attractive. I don’t have information about the amount of carbohydrates in each submarine without bread, but you might understand it: chicken or pepperoni is good, but is chicken onion acceptable? do not know. Keep the salad, but be aware that you only have iceberg lettuce (4 grams).

Carl’s Junior and Hardee’s: This chain offers raw lettuce parcels: Your burger is wrapped in a piece of lettuce and can be easily eaten with a small amount of carbohydrates. (Like I said, I tried, I don’t like it, I like to bring my own fork). Bread selection: $6 burger (7g), 1/2 thick burger (5g), grilled chicken sandwich (Hard 7g / 10g). The grilled chicken salad without fried bread pieces is 10 grams. The salad is 3 grams.

Jimmy John’s – Sandwich – Sandwiches wrapped in lettuce – perfect. The meat is very good, ensuring that the carbohydrate content of the ingredients is not high.

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