Put Your Body Cells In Kickboxing Mode.

Today, due to medical errors or hospital-acquired infections, the likelihood of death is greater, but we cannot turn to another possibility that could have serious consequences for our hospital. health. Biological warfare has been usedboxing trainerthroughout history and in the reproduction of microorganisms. Microorganisms, plant or animal-derived toxins that cause disease, or death from humans, livestock and crops can pose a serious threat to our health and well-being. Today, pathogens such as salmonella, anthrax and smallpox can be used as agents for biological weapons. However, at this stage, we are able to realistically prepare our biological fields, and then these deadly microorganisms, such as pathogens contaminated by the disease, enter the cells and release toxic infectious substances into the body. Place the body cells in the Taekwondo mode. I believe that everyone knows the principle of proper food mixing; if in doubt, you can search the topic to find valuable information about this topic. To place cells in Taekwondo mode, you need to follow three basic protection steps at the cellular level.  The number one basis is cellular oxygenation. Pollution can alter the chemical properties of our body fluids and affect our biology. I call the general environment of our cells “the field of biology.” When the biological field is outside the health range, cells have a high risk of absorbing broad-spectrum acute and chronic diseases, physical deterioration and accelerated aging, which is reflected in the appearance of the cells.  

Our body, our mood, our attitude and energy level. Contamination, stress and our consumption of highly processed foods tend to produce acidic body fluids that are compatible with certain diseases. If the cellular environment is not fully hydrated, trillions of cells in our body cannot communicate with each other to maintain a healthy life. Crazy free radicals swim dangerously through the body, producing oxidation of cells. Free radicals are unstable toxic compounds produced daily by metabolic processes. 

Bad eating habits, stress, pollution and other factors increase the amount of free radicals in our body, from normal to abnormal. This can destroy the cell membranes of DNA and RNA in cells as well as other important molecules in the cellular environment. When cells are oxidized, the first thing to do is to abandon the electrons. Antioxidants produce electrons, but at the same time steal electrons from another antioxidant to stabilize. Most antioxidants are like this. However, there are other types of antioxidants that, in order to remain stable, release molecules with “extra” electrons to neutralize free radicals that oxygenate the intracellular environment with abundant electrons and minerals that maintain the pH of the cell. Our body is in shape. 

The basic number 2 is cell alkalization. Almost all body functions change due to changes in pH. PH represents the level of (potency) activity of hydrogen in the fluid. The combination of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon is the biochemical function of our body, but “hydrogen” is the most important because these four elements make up 90% of the universe’s helium and all other helium causes a much smaller percentage . 

This means that hydrogen plays a vital role in our cellular health. The cells of a healthy body are alkaline, while the cells of the affected body have a pH below 7.0. Due to the inappropriate combination of processed food consumption, stress, food, soda and contaminants, the pH of the cells becomes too acidic. An alkaline or acidic environment is considered to be one of the main deterrents of tissue damage. Our body produces acid as a by-product of normal metabolism, but it does not produce alkalinity. To understand the condition of your cellular environment, check the pH of your saliva regularly every morning. You can request a saliva pH test kit at all health food stores.

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