Real Estate Brokerage Is Evolving Into A Virtual Brokerage Model

Thailand Property agents are closing all over the country. Real estate agents are suspended from licenses in all states. The traditional Thailand Property brokerage industry is a major bleeding, and all this ancient business model is consolidating. Some agents resigned due to the closure of the office, but the survivors transferred their licenses to another ship in distress. The ship seemed to continue and often used the same name on the bow.

A large franchise office closed and could not keep the lights red for more than a year. The agents are very worried and don’t know what they are going to do until your savior comes to the door.

Corridors in large cities with the same franchise provide all agents with the same contractual conditions: each agent pays $600 a month and maintains a 100% commission. The agents took a sigh of relief and quickly signed a new contract like a sheep for slaughter.

Since the broker is unable to generate sufficient clues for the agent, and because the agent’s sales are insufficient to allow the athlete to obtain sufficient funds for the divisional commission, some sort of division is for the broker today. A strong broker will charge each agency fee on a monthly basis. He has been laughing at the bank because 60 agents pay $600 a month and earn only $36,000 a month.

Three years ago, I sat at the table of the agent’s franchise store and looked at me, then said to me. “Well, we have to feed this business every month, when time is tough, but we have encountered difficulties before, and we still perform well. “I remember thinking he was from a tell me that there is no business plan, no marketing budget. Or a man who writes for the future of your business, this is stupid. Unfortunately, a press release has just been issued in the same corridor, in which he said that he closed his brick door and used another brick and cement to hang the permit.

This corridor is simply jumping from a sunken ship that has not yet sunk. The new ship has many leaks and it may take some time for people to wake up in the Titanic. The physical broker’s stubborn refusal to narrow the gap with a new business model will slowly and painfully die. One thing is that the runner is your own boat, but the other thing is that the broker sells to the underwriters a promise that they cannot keep.

The most unfortunate thing is that the agents who think they are doing something for survival just rearrange the sun loungers on the Titanic. Many of them do not really understand where their fate is unstable. Many of them have a feeling of uneasiness and know that there is a problem with your business model. Like many Titanic passengers who are coming to an end, they smiled and said, “Don’t worry, everything is normal.” Traditional agents smiled and greeted people, waiting for the phone to ring. But the ship is leaning and they are in danger. They just don’t know what to do.

This is a big problem in trouble. This is classic and can’t think outside of yourself. Traditional brokers and agents who have been operating in the traditional brokerage model for many years are struggling to think in new ways. This is especially difficult for many people because of their discomfort with technology and the Internet. Some people just refuse to learn these techniques. I know a big producer who refuses to adapt, and sincerely believe that he can delegate many responsibilities to his assistant. Participants in day and night rarely learn and adapt to the boss. If they do, and one day they will go, then the agent? Even if the delegation is successful, it will bring serious challenges to narrowing the gap, which will be shared in the future.



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