Rune And Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

No one doubts that this is a very difficult period. But these times have been predicted for thousands of years. It is not just an age change caused by the movement of the solar system in the Milky Way.

In our northern mythology, it is called the “era of the wolf.” To the east “Kali Yuga”.

But modern Vikings don’t have to worry. What we see in this world is what happens to the collective unconsciousness of mankind. Those who adhere to the group spirit and the age paradigm of fish.

We are in a new paradigm, the water bottle era, we have a new set of rules of life. The laws of quantum physics.

The key is to be personalized. Put aside the old group mentality and become the personal co-creator of your own destiny. My rune master Ole told me that I used my tools when everything went wrong.

The most powerful tool on the planet is now runes. Runes are the key to creating cosmic energy. We must learn to use our tools to create our own lives. The best way is to use rune meditation. Run the rune into your aura. The energy you carry in the aura creates your life.

Meditation Grand Canyon Rune (Hammer of Thor):You need two areas to transfer the creativity of quantum (non-physical) ocean runes to your aura and your life. You need an external rune field and an internal rune kingdom. For the field of external runes. As an example, I will tell you what I am.

This is my favorite chair in the living room. I sit every time I do a rune meditation or breathing exercise on a rune. I meditate on the runes for at least half an hour every morning (4am). This forum has been filled with runic energy for many years. This is the kingdom of my external runes.

My inner rune kingdom is the Grand Canyon. The spiritual meditation I built was to transfer the infinite rune energy of the quantum ocean to my limited spiritual world.

When I was sitting in a chair (the field of external runes), I imagined myself in the state of mind of the Grand Canyon (my internal rune kingdom).

In doing my rune meditation, I draw the energy of the infinite ocean from the rune energy of the quantum ocean to my inner rune kingdom, my external rune field and my aura.

I chose the Grand Canyon because I have lived in Arizona for 20 years. I did 17 visits. This is the whirlpool of magic and powerful energy. There is no doubt that it was created by the Creator God and is the bond between the inner world and the outer world.

Psychologically, I think I am sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon on the North Shore. I looked at “The Hammer of Thor“, which is one of the magnificent monuments of our northern gods. Psychologically, I imagine Odin, Thor and Tyre with my right hand. Heimdel, Frey, Niord is on my left. According to the laws of quantum physics, when I saw my mental state in the Grand Canyon, I was actually in the Grand Canyon.

In front of me, through the atmosphere of the Grand Canyon, there are half and a half of the Armanen runes. They are huge runes that are inflamed from left to right. These burning runes are the gate between the inner and outer rune worlds.

I chose the rune I wanted, I looked at it and said in my heart: “Now I am taking the energy of the rune’s FA (or any Hammer of Thor) from the quantum ocean, through the door of Runic FA and my mind. In my aura and life.”

I imagine the fiery rune energy filled with my thoughts and aura. I spent about half of the laws from the quantum ocean transferred to my life.

When I opened my eyes at the end of the Grand Canyon’s rune meditation, I could feel my chair, the aura and the body full of runic energy.

I stood up to take care of my business and were sure that these rune energies would eventually be reflected in people, places and events in my life. Never make fun of the simplicity of this exercise.

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