Superstition In Gambling

The influence that players have on the course of gambling is limited – this is no secret. However, there is a deep belief that benefits can be gained through the use of certain objects or behaviors, and that certain circumstances inevitably lead to a losing streak. What does magical thinking, as psychologists call it, really matter – and can one influence one’s happiness?

Superstitious people are often laughed at as they reveal their tic and knock on wood three times or pull a horseshoe out of their pockets. But who is honest, who will have to confess to even have a few small rituals that should contribute to their own happiness. Gamblers are aware of the power of chance, yet believe they can play better under certain conditions. This can be wearing your favorite clothes, favoring a particular table or the little lucky charm in your pocket without which no casino เว็บแทงบอล will enter.

The possibilities of evaluating the game and its surroundings as positive or negative are limitless. Each player has at least some preferences and rituals that he has inevitably developed during his playing career. Some players avoid the main entrance, others have a dirty cloth in their pocket, because this is to ward off the bad luck in the game. If you get the cross four played out, that’s no good omen. And if then the ace of spades falls to the ground, you should stop immediately. Even worse: Someone dares to address a player during a losing streak – all out.

Carrying a four-leaf clover is now out of fashion, but there are still many lucky symbols that are more or less taken seriously.

The world of numbers

Everyone has their favorite number. But the number 7 seems to have a special appeal. If you ask someone for a number between 1 and 9, the most common answer is statistical 7. Behavioral science has scientifically stated this phenomenon. The week has seven days, lovers are in the seventh heaven and the ancient world counted seven wonders of the world. The world itself is said to have been created in seven days. In many ancient cultures, the 7 is considered a lucky number. Europe, India, North and Central America, everywhere the 7 is a magic number. It is not without reason that the Menorah in Judaism has seven poor people, Christianity counts seven sacraments, and on the pilgrimage to Mecca a Muslim has to circle the Kaaba seven times. It is a number of cyclical renewal, the symbol of a new opportunity.

It seems to be the most exciting number, why else is James Bond the agent 007?

In Christian mysticism, the number 7 is the result of 3 and 4. The Trinity, the spiritual, is connected with the four elements, the material. The “Seven Phenomena” is an attempt already made by philosopher John Locke in the 17th century: He says that human comprehension can easily pick up seven things, then it becomes flawed.

The 7 is also a very familiar number to gamblers, in many casinos เว็บแทงบอล a 7 flashes everywhere, many classic slot machines have not only fruits, coins, etc. but also the number 7. Or have you already seen a machine with the number 2, 4 or 6? The counterpart to the 7 is probably the unfortunate 13. Even more than the belief in the happiness of 7 is the fear of the misfortune of the 13th

First, the positive: In Judaism, the 13 is a lucky number, because it stands above the dozen and thus symbolizes God. Otherwise, however, it is almost without exception as a bad luck. Particularly noteworthy is the fear of Friday, the thirteenth. This fear is so prevalent that she got the terrible name Paraskavedekatriaphobia. So, these phobias have people who fear something bad will happen that day. Years of statistics have already shown that there is no increase in accidents. The 13 has something devilish, although the 6 is supposed to be the number of the ruler of hell.

The thirteenth hour is the witching hour and when it hits 13, one wants to say that something seems outrageous. The fear of the 13 goes so far that is renounced in motorsport on this start number, many aircraft have no thirteenth row and many hotels no room number 13. The first ICE trains had no car 13 and the airport in Washington, DC has Gate 13 just left out.

In the 19th century, fear of the devilish dozen even created jobs in France. A Quatorzième, the “fourteenth”, you could book, if you expected a table with thirteen guests, but wanted to avoid the bad luck at the table. So they invited a fourteenth to keep their happiness in the house that evening.

In the lottery, the 13 is actually no lucky number. It is the rarest number in the Saturday Drawings, although in the very first draw of the “6 out of 49” it was the first number to tumble out of the drum. After all, the 13 is missing in any roulette wheel and can thus prove that she is not quite as bad as her reputation. If you lose on a Friday, the 13th, by the way more often than usual, can not reveal statistics.

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