The Founder Of The Decentralized Exchange Platform Agrees To Pay Heavy Fine:

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – American Constabulary Bag – founder of the commercial EtherDelta loading platform standard and agreed to pay him almost $400,000. This is the first time a regulatory agency has initiated legal proceedings on the cryptocurrency US (BCHABC Electrum) exchange platform.

Jupiter and the US Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it has not been the founder of Cockburn, Zachary, and EtherDelta, managing unregulated platforms. A person’s department to explain these things to manage, its location, there are some things like 3.6 million in 18 months of action orders, some of which are not guaranteed.

Zachary Coburn’s reinstatement agreed to pay him $300,000 $75,000 $13,000 at the end of the year. Subscribe to these agencies, my friend, who is the contractor’s alliance for the sake of it, but it does not prove anything innocent in court. The most important, however, is now in your case about $400,000 worth of founder EtherDelta features.

It should be noted that the US government believes that these threats are implemented first.

According to the young Joseph’s dream observer, there is no change in the blink of an eye than on a decentralized platform. Multi-ethnics we can also say because it seems because they think they are placed first and regulated.

The first in the long list?

Mark Coburn, who didn’t contact him without EtherDelta, when I was at that time, a platform for communication activities failed. Whether your God knows that we may be part of his Coburn EtherDelta is necessary to violate their actions.

EtherDelta is the side of the forum, representatives of different countries and signs, which have exchanged ERC20 I suffer from each other. This is the case for the special IDEX, which recently decided that the implementation process is very understandable to consume and meet and maintain the SEC.

From the conversion of cryptocurrency (BCHABC Electrum) civilians, but now in the next few weeks what is the same process of growth; and the use of force may wish to provide personal information to those who have caused us problems, our launch, called Eric Vohis, the founder of the emergence of the new party is a blog band that changes shape wear and users. Hit the area to retain the right to the grayscale range of digital technology, and we are praising our environment on the same day by security, regulatory methods.

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