What Are Xenon Bulbs?

Xenon bulbs have been around for many years and the benefits are obvious for drivers who use them. They can see more and more clearly in the dark and react to potential dangers. Unfortunately, there are still many problems with the use of these bulbs, regulations and legality. This is a simple guide to help you distinguish between facts and fiction.

Xenon bulbs dissolve the lens of the plastic headlight

The fake glass xenon lamp or xenon brenner has an ultraviolet (UV) filter that protects against any UV damage from plastics, even if your car is equipped with plastic glasses.

The higher the color temperature, the hotter the bulb.

Errors You will often see Xenon car bulbs marked with color temperature, measured in Kelvin (K). For example, headlight bulbs can be listed as 6000K or 8000K. These color temperatures are independent of the heat emitted by the xenon lamp xenon brenner. In fact, the Kelvin size is used to describe the type of colored light emitted by the headlight bulb. For example, a 6000K xenon bulb emits pure white light, while an 8000K bulb exhibits a blue tint. The temperature at which Xenon bulbs work is stable at all color temperatures, so you can purchase the color of your choice without worrying about the fusion of the headlights.

The higher the color temperature, the brighter the light

Errors When you look at a graph showing the level of illumination of a xenon bulb compared to the color temperature, you will see that the higher the color temperature, the fewer bulbs are emitted. In fact, the light loss is not linear, so the light bulb is very similar in the 6500K light, but when it rises above 8500K, the emitted light begins to drop and then drops sharply. Therefore, if you purchase a xenon bulb for performance, replace the 6000K class bulb and select the bulb as the color style, remember the low light chromatogram that was emitted.

Xenon bulbs last longer than regular halogen bulbs

True and false. I am sorry for the ambiguity in the answer to this question, but that is because there are two types of xenon bulbs. The first type, called High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs, first appeared in high-end cars and was easy to detect because they shimmered slightly and produced bright light when lit. Strong blue around him. You cannot install a HID bulb in a vehicle equipped with standard halogen headlights. The second type of xenon bulb Xenon bulbs are updated, these bulbs are direct replacement bulbs, and halogen lamps produce up to 90% of the light compared to conventional halogen lamps. In terms of service life, ordinary halogen bulbs last for about 350 to 400 hours, HID bulbs last for about 3,000 hours, and automotive bulbs last for 250 to 300 hours.

It is legal to use the HID xenon lamp (xenon brenner) kit on the road?

The fake xenon HID kit, also known as the xenon conversion kit, allows you to install a complete HID xenon lamp or xenon brenner in a vehicle with normal halogen headlights. It is illegal to use a vehicle equipped with a HID kit on a public road, and the Department of Transportation is very clear in this regard, which indicates that the existing flagship halogen equipment can be converted to use the bulb HID xenon. The only legal way to upgrade halogen headlamps to HID xenon is to contact your vehicle manufacturer to see if they can install a complete HID system, including headlights. However, keep in mind that the cost of this installation is usually very high.

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