What’s New At Betmotion Casino In 2018?

Betmotion casino is always full of news, especially when it comes to games and special promotions that will make your associates become more assiduous. Sports betting is becoming an increasingly special attraction in online casinos (먹튀사이트 신고), thanks to the possibility of betting on a football team, volleyball basketball, among many other games, the most important televised championships. Your bet will gain more excitement when you are watching your favorite team’s game.

The BetMotion Casino is one of the best companies evaluated among online casinos worldwide. His proposal is to bring the most modern and profitable to the client. They are always in search of the coolest championships so that you have the possibility to place your bet. Check out the casino highlights for the beginning of 2018:

Betmotion News

Call Via WhatsApp : the newest facility of online devices has already arrived at Betmotion. WhatsApp has become indispensable in the smartphones of Brazilians and when there is need to communicate this is the first resource we use. There is no denying that the introduction of this application for customer service will undoubtedly be an excellent support and will make the relationship with the online casino (먹튀사이트 신고) much closer.

Welcome Bonus : One of the biggest attractions of online casinos is the generous welcome bonus. The Betmotion Casino always brings customers the possibility to place their initial bets with good extra money to ensure customer satisfaction. At that time, there is an increase of 100% on top of a deposit of up to $ 200.

Bring Your Friends : This was Betmotion way of attracting new customers and at the same time making its partner profitable. Each new friend Betmotion will give you a prize of $ 100 to spend on your favorite game. If you have not taken the chance you do not know what you’re missing out on. Call your friends right now to start a good sports betting, they will be happy with the possibility of getting a lot of betting profits, and you will accumulate in your website balance good money to make your games.

Bank Transfer : A good facility that Betmotion Casino is bringing is the 10% bonus if you make your bank transfer transactions. Many gamblers prefer to make other types of transactions for fear that their account will be cloned by some hacker, but rest assured, Betmotion Casino has a structure that allows you to protect your data. Everything will be encrypted with the highest technological resources so you have as much security as in a bank. Betmotion will always be prepared for any questions, security will always be a priority in the biggest casinos (먹튀사이트 신고).

Faced with so many special features and innovative features of 2018, you can not be left out. Learn more about Betmotion, access to the site, enter and view offers. Carefully review the terms of use of the promotions to secure your prize.

Every Betmotion team will always be ready to answer any questions, including access to these new features and other offers that the company makes a point of launching so that its clients leave always satisfied and come back more often, since they know that it will be in a safe environment it’s fun.

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