Why To Buy Luxury Watches?

There is not a single good reason to buy a beautiful watch … There are obviously many more, often very personal, sometimes simple, sometimes mysterious.

To consider the following answers, it is better to be relatively permeable to the arguments of luxury. It does not seem likely that anyone who reads this page will be changed if they are convinced that spending one or more months of salary in a watch, even beautiful and prestigious, is utter nonsense. Unless some more pragmatic arguments can open a small gap.

Luxury Watches For Time?

For there to be no misunderstanding, let’s be clear, having the time is not one of the good reasons to buy a luxury watch. The object has long gone beyond function. Today, to have the exact time, just look at his smartphone, which also often provides more accurate information than a mechanical watch, as evolved as it is.

Luxury Watches For Pleasure?

For many amateurs, fun is simply the only reason.

The pleasure of getting informed, choosing, entering the shop after long weeks of reflection and waiting, and come out with the wrist the object of his fantasies.

The pleasure of wearing every day an exceptional watch, that we do not cross at all wrists and attracts glances and admiring comments, even from the uninitiated.

The almost jubilant pleasure of being able to admire an exclusive object on one’s wrist, to feel its weight, to admire its perfect finishes, to observe the slipping of the seconds hand, the oscillations of the pendulum or for the lucky ones, the rotation hypnotic swirl

Some might see pride, all-in-one … It does not matter, since the pleasure is selfish (you have 4 hours).

Luxury Watches Adds To Personality And Status?

If we generally like to belong to groups, to communities, we also aspire to be able to express our differences and our uniqueness.

It is quite common to hear that the watch is the only jewel that a man can wear “discreetly”, alliance aside. The choice of a watch can therefore, by a learned alchemy of history, functions, forms, materials or colors, “serve” to express its personality, its tastes, its originality, its values, its state of spirit … and paradoxically his pride in belonging to the little (more so than that) community of watch lovers.

To Be Taken Seriously  “SERIOUSLY”

This point is perhaps the most questionable but, as surprising as it may seem, a beautiful watch can, as well as quality shoes (and well polished, it goes without saying), influence the first impression that some people have from whoever wears it.

Beyond the amount spent and what it can indicate the level of income, a beautiful watch can indeed be a visual indicator that unconsciously places his wearer on the scale of success, good taste and elegance .

So, as there is only one opportunity to make a good first impression, why not put all the chances on your side?

Luxury Watches For Celebrations

Special occasions are also good reasons to have fun. What is more symbolic than to immortalize an exceptional moment with a timepiece … Birthdays, diplomas, first salaries, engagements, weddings, births are all occasions – even pretexts – to afford a beautiful watch .

The pleasure mentioned above will be increased tenfold by the memory of the event that the watch has helped to celebrate.

To Leave A Trace

At the time of planned obsolescence, acquiring an object that will certainly last longer than a life may seem offbeat .

But one thing is certain, fashion has no hold on the cultural or sentimental value of a beautiful watch. How many watch lovers proudly wear watches that are twice their age because they have a story, an emotional value? There is no doubt that they outnumber those who still use their 2000s mobile phone.

For my part, I like to think that my son will wear in a few years the watch that I bought the year of his birth. But maybe I’m influenced by Patek Philippe ads.

To Invest And Speculate

Collection watches are objects whose “monetary” value continues to grow from year to year and can therefore prove to be an excellent investment.

Like fine wines, works of art, antique cars or diamonds, collection watches can be considered as a safe haven and a credible alternative to often volatile financial products.

In contrast to the prices of the financial markets, the prices of luxury goods are determined by a law of supply and demand that is quite predictable since, for many years, the demand has been growing much more than the supply .

Of course, as with all investments, some purchases are more risky than others, but in the still relatively young market of collection watches (under 25 years old), the good opportunities are still quite numerous.

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