Youtube And The Thumbnails Of The Videos

As we talked about in a previous chapter, thumbnails of videos or thumbnail , are used to optimize our videos. But what are the thumbnails? The thumbnail (save thumbnail image) of a video is an image used to identify a video that will be seen next to the title.

The thumbnail is one of the most striking elements in search results , even more than the title itself.

When we upload a video, Youtube gives us the option to choose a thumbnail from among the 3 options that it gives us, but the best thing is that we personalize them to our liking. To be able to put a customized thumbnail (save thumbnail image), first we will have to verify our account , as we explained in the previous chapter.

Here are some tips on how the thumbnails should be:

  • Use a frame of the video you have recorded or take a picture during the recording. You can also make a montage with several photos. Try to be eye-catching and represent what you will see in the video.
  • Use close-ups , think it’s a thumbnail.
  • Put text in the thumbnail, but without going over. It has to be flashy and fun. They have to feel like watching the video.
  • Upload files .JPG, .GIF, .BMP or .PNG whose sizes do not exceed the limit of 2 MB.
  • The size of the thumbnail must be at least 1280 x 720 pixels.

How to put our customized thumbnail

To place the thumbnail we will have to access our video from the Video Manager . Once there, we must choose from the drop-down menu the option ” Information and configuration ” or directly click on the ” Edit ” button. We just have to press the ” Custom thumbnail ” button to access our hard drive and find the thumbnail we have prepared.

We can change the thumbnail as many times as we want , but we must bear in mind that our browser will not automatically reflect the change in the YouTube homepage due to the cache. If we want to check it, we will have to delete the cache or access it through another browser. This is the thumbnail we created. Once we upload the thumbnail (save thumbnail image) we want to put, it appears as an option to choose with the three that gives us as default YouTube. When we go back to this screen we will see the big thumbnail in the video.

Now when you do the searches and our video comes out between them, it will appear with the thumbnail that we have put. If the rest of the videos do not have it, it is a very simple way to stand out from the rest.

Note : the search we have done has been by the full name of the video.

We leave you the capture of how it appeared before the thumbnail was placed . As you can see it does not stand out as much as with the thumbnail.

  • Which thumbnail do you like the most?
  • Which image summarizes better than what we are going to see in the video?
  • They’re all the same? Do you see any element in common?

All these thumbnails are extracted from the first positions of the potato tortilla recipe search . They are all competing for you to choose one, this is what happens when they see your thumbnail, then the fight starts and if you have the weapons, if you know these resources, if you apply what I tell you, your video will have many more options to be the chosen one.

The text: little, big and clear

People will read the text of your thumbnail that the title of the video.

Many famous Youtubers do not use text in their thumbnails (save thumbnail image) and are losing a very important weapon to compete with their rivals. Remember the images in the section above, those of the potato tortillas. The text can be a great help used correctly.

  • Choose a font that reads well. Avoid small sizes.
  • Use capital letters whenever possible.
  • The text always has to be ahead of the image.
  • Do not lie, do not cheat and never copy. Inspire yourself, copy no.
  • Do not pass. People will read 3 sentences.

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